What Does the Future Have in Store for Poolz After a Successful 2021

Highlights of 2021

Improved Our Whitelisting Mechanism

Went Big on IDOs

Introduced Governance

Fostered Startups With Poolz Ventures

Launched Fully Incubated Projects

Focused on GameFi

Our community has played a huge role, supporting and motivating us throughout the year. The year ended on a positive, profitable note with much more action scheduled for the next year.

Sneak Peek Into 2022

Poolz Labs

  • Starting this year, we are excited to announce our first BuyBack of 2022 with a total of $100K, from which we burned $50K!! Towards 2022, we plan to create more burning mechanisms and continue BuyBack & Burn POOLZ on a regularly. We recently added a new position in the company of an extremely experienced governance member that will take care of finding the idea deflationary model for POOLZ, that will include more utilities and more POOLZ burning.
  • Following through on our vision for interoperability, we aim to integrate more blockchain networks with our platform this year.
  • Poolz V3 is scheduled for launch in 2022 and will come with significant performance and user-experience improvements.
  • We also aim to increase the number of fundraising channels on the platform this year to ensure that all startups have the best chance of raising capital.
  • We aim to continue the full incubation of projects and we’re on the lookout for promising startups that might need our attention.
  • Lastly, through Poolz Grants, we aim to help more promising blockchain gaming projects with funding and leverage Poolz resources on their path to success.

About Poolz



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