We are extremely excited to announce that Fanadise is the first project that will be conducting its IDO with Poolz’s new risk-free IDO model in place.

We can bet that no DeFi launchpad has gone to this extent to ensure the safety and security of its community members. We’ve promised you since the very beginning of Poolz that our community is our primary focus and we’ve kept delivering on that promise time and again.

While the markets have entered a bear phase, we continue with the same determination to bring you the best. In our latest step, we launched our…

For us, growth is about networking and building partnerships with the right projects working on a similar mission as ours. In that respect, we are excited to announce that we have partnered with and integrated Poolz to one of the most trusted and widely known open-source blockchain networks, Nervos.

Nervos consists of a blockchain ecosystem and a variety of protocols that aim to create an internet-like public infrastructure built on the principles of blockchain technology. The platform aims to enable its users to be able to access applications and tokens across any and all blockchain networks, thus bringing down the…

The new changes to the IDO system will be applicable from today onward. Below are the points to take note of.

During the recent IDOs, we noticed that many of the whitelisted IDO participants did not participate in the IDO. This is very much understandable due to the current state of the market. But even during this time, we want to ensure that our community members get a fair opportunity to participate in the IDOs we conduct and that we do not lose slots because of whitelisted users not participating in the IDO.

This is why we have devised a…

As a cross-chain platform, Poolz has strived to welcome partnerships from platforms built across a variety of blockchain networks. Therefore we are excited to announce our partnership with the decentralized exchange Pangolin.

Pangolin is a futuristic DEX that focuses on offering users the ability to trade assets based on Avalanche and Ethereum networks. Contrary to Ethereum-based DEXs, Pangolin lowers the barriers to entry by offering low transaction costs and fast trade execution. The platform currently has a total volume of $1.04 billion and $139M in total liquidity.

With our partnership with Pangolin, we will enable the Avalanche-based projects that conduct…

Poolz is pushing the boundaries and bringing on new innovation, just like we did during the bull market. This is one of the most distinctive traits of Poolz that sets us a class apart from other similar projects.

Taking forward our innovation at Poolz, we are excited to announce the launch of yet another new product IDeuro. It is a prediction game based on Poolz’s in-house technology that is focused on the UEFA European Football Championship 2020 with DeFi ODDS. Apart from showcasing the use of Poolz’s technology across multiple verticals, it offers our community a one-time opportunity.

All our…

We are excited to announce new cooperation between DIA Labs and Poolz to accelerate and facilitate decentralized interaction between project owners and early-stage investors.

Building on a shared core decentralization vision, DIA Labs & Poolz will partner to accelerate and facilitate decentralized interaction between project owners in need of bootstrapping liquidity and early-stage investors. Via its DeFi ecosystem development and women in emerging tech angles, DIA Labs will source and filter various projects designed to optimize decentralized oracle provision, eliminate friction, and leverage composability in decentralized ecosystems.

In collaboration with Poolz, DIA Labs will identify the most optimal projects and…

Today, we are excited to announce a partnership with Shield Finance, a Multi-Chain DeFi Insurance Aggregator that allows users to buy protection against major market crashes due to prevent dumps and black swan events.

  • Shield Finance will deploy Market Crash Protection contracts for Poolz. These contracts will allow the $POOLZ token holders to buy protection against a potential crash due to market-wide sell-off. $POOLZ token holders will have a right to sell $POOLZ at a guaranteed price (no matter what the market price will be). More information: Market Crash Protection.
  • Poolz will place a link to Market Crash Protection contracts…

Poolz partnered with HECO chain a long time back and has since looked for the best opportunities to work with projects that build on the network. This is why we are today excited to announce our partnership with the HECO-based decentralized exchange platform MakiSwap.

Leveraging the automated market-maker based on the HECO chain enables MakiSwap to offer near-instant transactions at a negligible transaction gas fee. The platform aims to realign incentives for participants within the crypto ecosystem by creating better revenue-sharing and forum-driven mechanics.

MakiSwap has a futuristic vision where it plans to integrate trading tools on its decentralized exchange…

Get a comprehensive overview of all of the exciting events that took place for Poolz in the month of June!

While the overall crypto market has experienced some turbulence over the last month, that has not stopped Poolz from pushing forward and building relentlessly. Lets go over some of the exciting developments that took place this month.

Cross Chain Pioneers

A growing trend in the space as of late has been the realization of the importance of cross chain interoperability. With so many L1 and L2 solutions setting out to solve the problems of scalability, as a company who intends to give life to so many promising new projects, Poolz understands the importance of being cross chain compatible. …

We’ve been closely associated with the Dot.Finance team since the very start and has come to believe through proper due diligence that the project and the team behind it harbor enormous potential.

The founding team of the project includes former members of the highly successful DeFi project Bancor and the project also has the backing of famous blockchain VCs, which is another reason to expect promising results from the project.

Furthermore, the founders and CEO of Poolz, Guy Oren, and the Poolz CMO, Liam Cohen, are also advisors to Dot.Finance …


Cross-Chain Token Pools & Auctions. Website URL: https://www.poolz.finance/

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