Poolz has grown tremendously in the months that followed its launch. We have today reached a place where we are capable of helping other promising projects successfully build and deploy groundbreaking projects.

Today we take another huge step toward helping crypto projects. We are thrilled to announce that we at Poolz are establishing Poolz Ventures and we will be investing in selected projects to enable them to scale efficiently.

How will selected Projects Benefit from Poolz Ventures?

Our aim has always been to push forward the growth of the entire crypto and DeFi space. …

You may have already realized that Poolz is soaring as we conduct a number of IDOs back to back. Even then, we can confidently say that what we’ve done so far is only a small part of what we have plans to do in the future.

On that note, we are excited to announce that we are opening another staking pool for FM gallery, Deeper Network, MerchDAO, COOK Protocol, and Rage.fan IDOs.

$POOLZ holders who stake in this pool will be eligible for IDOs conducted during the staking period.

The staking time starts on March 20, 2021, and users will…

NFT is a revolution in the art industry. We believe it will create a level playfield for all artists to showcase and sell their work to the global audience. And FM Gallery is a decentralized NFT artwork distribution platform to support the NFT revolution in the art and fashion industries.

As you may know, FM Gallery recently announced that they will conduct the $WAH IDO on Poolz on March 22, 2021, at 01:00 PM UTC.

We are excited to announce that all investors holding at least 250 $POOLZ tokens are eligible for the $WAH token IDO.

All IDOs on Poolz…

Poolz is pleased to announce a new partnership with RioDeFI. Since the launch of the first IDO at the beginning of February, things have moved fast for the team behind this new launchpad. Earlier this week, Poolz hosted its 5th token offering with LABS Group. Next week, it’s Lepricon’s turn. Those two projects are also part of RioDeFi’s ecosystem and we believe that this partnership will act as a doorway, providing to each of the next projects hosted on RioChain, the ability to conduct their IDO on Poolz.

This is a great opportunity for dApp owners choosing the Polkadot’s ecosystem…

Poolz had a steady start in February when it conducted its first IDO and it is now soaring as it has confirmed three IDOs and counting for the month of March.

We recently announced a combined staking pool of seven days for three IDOs to simplify the staking and IDO participation process for the community.

We have already concluded three IDOs in March and have five more IDO finalized and counting. …

Month by month, Poolz is growing into a bigger and better-decentralized platform for conducting cross-chain IDOs. February was a month packed with many partnerships and collaborations and so will be March.

We are thrilled to announce that Poolz has partnered with Coin98 Ventures, the investment arm of Coin98 Finance to grow the Poolz ecosystem and drive it towards greater success.

As a part of our partnership agreement, Coin98 Ventures will refer the suitable crypto projects it incubates to Poolz. The projects can then choose to conduct their initial DEX offering on Poolz and raise liquidity for their native token.


A couple of weeks back, we announced the partnership of Poolz and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to enable cross-chain IDOs on Poolz. We have always envisioned an interoperable, blockchain-agnostic DeFi ecosystem where applications and cryptocurrencies from across all blockchains can interact with each other. This partnership with BSC was our fourth in a long series of such partnerships.

In this article, we explain how you can integrate your MetaMask wallet with the Binance Smart Chain and start storing and transacting BEP20 tokens of projects based on the Binance Smart Chain.

How to Connect MetaMask with Binance Smart Chain

As Poolz aims to conduct cross-chain IDOs, it is important…

Heads up, people.

We know it has been a slightly long wait for you since our first IDO, but we’re at it again and we’re back stronger.

As you must know, we have three IDO — Playcent, HAPI, and Labs — lined back to back in the first half of March. These IDOs are scheduled to happen at only a few days’ intervals from each other, so we have decided to have an integrated staking pool for Playcent, HAPI, and Labs IDO.

This means interested investors will have to stake only once to be eligible for the whitelisting process of…

Poolz is thrilled to share that Binance Smart Chain is now integrated into the Poolz ecosystem. The Poolz-Binance Smart Chain integration brings together our common goal of creating a better DeFi world for the community.

Poolz has been working expeditiously to figure out innovative ways to distribute and bring liquidity to DeFi projects’ tokens. Our integration with the Binance Smart Chain will help projects on Binance Smart Chain to conduct IDOs on Poolz against the BNB token. This will also help us drive the greater real-world application of blockchain, specific to the liquidity auctions of DeFi tokens.

Through this partnership…

Genesis Block Venture has been a long-term supporter of Poolz and our team. It was one of our early-stage investors and helped us tremendously in building the Poolz platform.

GBV believes in not just investing in projects but also working alongside the team to help grow them. As part of this vision, GBV has collaborated with Poolz to identify and introduce high-quality early-stage projects. Genesis Block Venture has agreed to help Poolz collaborate with other crypto projects it has invested in and also advise some of the projects.

Genesis Block Venture is the venture arm of the financial service company…


Cross-Chain Token Pools & Auctions. Website URL: https://www.poolz.finance/

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