Introducing the Poolz Secured IDO Model

2 min readApr 27, 2022

Back in July 2021, Poolz was the first Defi launchpad to introduce the Risk-Free IDO Model to ensure Poolz Community funds’ safety in changing market conditions.
That being said, not all Poolz IDOs will have the Risk-Free IDO features and some of the risks that we are seeing in this space are not only market-related.

With the same drive to protect our community in difficult market conditions but also in situations where some of the Projects are underperforming because of human error or illicit intentions, we have added to our Poolz Secured IDO model the following :

1. The project must ensure a maximum of 1 month between IDO and listing
*If the maximum term is surpassed, the Poolz Governance DAO system will decide if will give more time to the Project or will go to a full refund for our community

2. The project has to lock and assure enough liquidity for at least 12 months
* This will ensure smooth trading and organic growth, giving confidence in long term Project commitment

3. The IDO tokens and any private allocations (if applicable) will be sent to the IDO platform wallet 24 hours prior to the scheduled IDO date and time
* Failure to do so will delay the Project’s IDO to the next date available in the schedule, which could be weeks out, or may result in launch cancellation

4. Fair Token Claiming and Distribution
* The IDO smart contract is set up to allow the IDO Platform’s community members to claim their IDO tokens no later than 10 minutes after DEX listing and not after any participating third parties

5. Maintain our Risk-Free IDO model and increase application in Poolz IDO Launches
*Allow investors to claim back 100% of their funds within 24 hours after the token listing of each Project that conducted IDO on Poolz

Poolz is a decentralized fundraising and cross-chain launchpad. It is a hub for DeFi apps, enabling them to unravel the power of blockchain. Poolz Venture is an investment fund set up by the core team at Poolz to further build on the core Poolz vision.

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