Sidus Heroes Stands Apart from All P2E Games by Balancing Gameplay and Earning Potential

Poolz recently invested in an upcoming metaverse game that is poised to bolster the P2E gaming economy while offering unmatched levels of immersive gameplay.

While there are many P2E games at this point, very few are actually able to surpass the gaming experience that traditional games can offer to their gamers. This is a problem because as long as games using blockchain and crypto as their backbone cannot challenge the immersive experiences offered by traditional games, the scope of adoption of P2E games will be minimal.

Indeed, it is important now for games to offer their players a lucrative earning mechanism. But at present, most games focus too much on the earning potential and very little on the gaming experience. Sidus Heroes is a game that’s set to change this.

What Makes Sidus Special?

There are a lot of factors that weigh in favor of Sidus and help it stand apart from the many games that are using the P2E model. The first thing to take note of is the storyline of the game. Sidus Heroes is based in a distant future when a technological revolution converted all humans into one and the same. And their characteristic traits depend on the tech-race they are born into. With everyone striving for more power, Sidus has become a war-torn universe where only the fittest will survive.

On the tech side of the game, Sidus Heroes brings its high-quality gameplay to everyone across the globe with just a web URL, thanks to WebGL that enables projects to build 2D and 3D games that are fully compatible on web browsers. Besides, the tech is compatible with Unreal Engine 5, which is the best standard when it comes to 3D art for games and movies.

In the Sidus universe, users must own an NFT hero to play the game. These heroes belong to one of the 12 races that exist in the Sidus universe, each named after the top 12 blockchain networks. Players in the game have the freedom to indulge in solo battles or form their own legions to go on intergalactic missions and take on battles with other legions to attain more power, capture more of the universe, and win rewards that possess real-world value.

Further, there are a lot of other aspects of the game from resources to spaceships and a range of different roles that players can take on while playing the game. All in all, it Sidus is poised to offer players the real gaming experience and a real earning opportunity like never seen before in the P2E gaming space.

If you’ve always wanted to play an NFT and crypto-focused game, we bet this will be your thing. You can closely follow Sidus for more news and updates.

Get all the latest updates from SIDUS through its official media channels: Website | Twitter | Discord & Medium.



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