Poolz Invests in the Exciting NFT & Metaverse Game Sidus Heros

There are some games that look interesting and then there are those that you find extraordinarily exciting to not be part of and play from its very early days. Sidus: The city of NFT Heroes is one such game that is causing ripples throughout the blockchain gaming community.

We are thus extremely thrilled to announce that Poolz Ventures has invested in Sidus Heroes to take NFT and Metaverse games to the next level. The Poolz team is very bullish about the Sidus project and the vision and expertise they bring to this space.

Sidus is a play-to-earn MMORPG game that utilizes blockchain as the base technology and aims to offer players the most intuitive and immersive gaming experience. What’s most noteworthy about Sidus is that it is the first-eve WEBGL, AAA-level, Play-to-Earn, NFT, and RPG game.

The combination of these features of Sidus sets the game a class apart from all existing and under-production play-to-earn games. The background story of Sidus is most interestingly based on the philosophies of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. So, the planets are named after the top blockchain networks and their characteristics are carefully chosen based on what functionalities the respective blockchains possess. Players of the game get transported to a futuristic world where a major technological transformation has taken place, and all living beings in that era have become one with technology.

Furthermore, every player’s characters, features, and outlooks depend on the tech-race they are born into. Now, it’s a war-torn world inhabited by creatures ready to go to any extent for power and excellence.

So, in this vast universe, every player has to build its own tribe and gather together resources to go on intergalactic missions and challenge other tribes from across the universe to survive and win rewards.

It’s a world full of chaos but it’s also a world full of heroes. That means players need to build their legions by picking a team of Heroes. And they can then take multiplayer battles with the multiplayer mode of the game.

Another exciting aspect of the game is that the futuristic scenes of the game have been designed by an artist who worked on some extremely popular games including World of Tanks, Armored Warfare, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., and The Uncertain.

And all of this, we are certain, is only the beginning of what will become a world-class blockchain and crypto game that will bring NFTs, crypto, and the vision of play-to-earn to millions of people on a global scale.

To say that we are excited about investing in Sidus at such an early stage would be an understatement. This project, in our opinion, is a true gem that has everything that it takes for a blockchain-powered play-to-earn game to succeed.

We intend to work closely with the project and play our part in helping them scale throughout the world and bring the immersive P2E gaming experience to everyone.

For our latest updates, stay tuned!

Get all the latest updates from SIDUS through its official media channels: Website | Twitter | Discord & Medium.

About Poolz Venture

Poolz is a decentralized cross-chain IDO platform built on top of Web 3.0 infrastructure to assist crypto industry projects in raising funds before listing. Poolz Venture is an investment fund set up by the core team at Poolz to further build on the vision Poolz started with.

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