Poolz Integrates with Nervos Network

For us, growth is about networking and building partnerships with the right projects working on a similar mission as ours. In that respect, we are excited to announce that we have partnered with and integrated Poolz to one of the most trusted and widely known open-source blockchain networks, Nervos.

Nervos consists of a blockchain ecosystem and a variety of protocols that aim to create an internet-like public infrastructure built on the principles of blockchain technology. The platform aims to enable its users to be able to access applications and tokens across any and all blockchain networks, thus bringing down the barrier to the adoption of blockchain-based applications. Besides, developers can import codes of dApps from any blockchain and build their applications on Nervos to support a cross-chain ecosystem.

As a platform trying to building a cross-chain ecosystem, we are honored to be partnering with Nervos to bring the IDOs of the most exciting projects building on this blockchain. The fact that Nervos itself focuses on interoperability of blockchain apps makes it a perfect fit for Poolz.

Reflecting on this integration, Guy Oren, the CEO of Poolz, said, “Cross-chain applications are the most critical element for blockchain adoption. This is why Poolz has always worked to be a cross-chain platform and we are proud to say that we’re realizing our vision by integrating widely known blockchain networks such as Nervos. Our association with Nervos is sure to significantly benefit our community and the projects on Nervos.”

There are a wide array of disruptive platforms that are currently being built on Nervos. With this integration, we intend to open doors to immense opportunities for these projects.

Our dedicated community of investors are always looking to invest in promising projects. By conducting the IDOs of Nervos-based projects, we will ensure that these projects get the massive exposure to the right set of investors who truly believe in the project’s vision. This automatically also means that our investors will have more high-potential projects to invest in.

We are looking forward with high hopes to bring the best for Nervos-based projects and our community. And we’re sure that this integration will bring great results for the entire Poolz ecosystem and the projects that conduct their IDO on our platform.

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For more information on Nervos, visit www.nervos.org.

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