Introducing The Monopolist: A Blockchain Version of the Board Game Monopoly

For almost a century, the Landlord’s Game, better known as Monopoly, has been a classic. Monopoly was invented in 1904 and is widely considered to be the greatest board game ever developed. It simplified real estate for children. The game, which virtually everyone in the globe enjoyed playing for leisure, had given gamers the illusion of being a real estate mogul. And although it was previously only available as a physical board game, there is now a new and more interesting avatar of the same game — The Monopolist.

So, without further ado, let’s delve into this exciting creation that is dubbed The Monopolist.

Play, Learn and Earn: The Monopolist’s Gameplay Model

The Monopolist is a digital Monopoly-style game that allows players to use their critical thinking to develop tactics through rolling dice, investing in buying land, building properties, collecting accommodation fees, and so on, to win new properties in the game. Although having similarities with the board game Monopoly that we all love to play, The Monopolist takes it a step further by offering real benefits and learning to its players.

The Monopolist is built on the Binance Smart Chain and its ecosystem relies on two of its native cryptocurrencies $MONO and $MOB. As the platform is based on BSC, it is self-explanatory that these are BEP-20 tokens that can be traded within the Binance ecosystem. While the $MONO token will be used for in-game transactions, staking, farming, governance, and DAO participation, $MOB will be used for in-game activities, in-game upgrades, and to participate in in-game events.

The Monopolist offers a variety of ways to earn money. Completing daily tasks, engaging in events and tournaments, selling game materials obtained through gaming on the marketplace, joining and winning games, staking $MONO to earn yields, getting community airdrops, and earning passive income via NFTs are just a few of them.

Besides the earning potential, the game offers users lessons and insights that they can apply in real-world investment and finance, especially in the crypto space. For the start, players will have the opportunity to learn about financial investments, risk management, asset management and diversification, and dealing with emotions when investing. Moreover, unlike other games, The Monopolist gives its users the greatest possible experience through an attractive environment and by targeting different players from different social classes.

We are confident that the learnings players can gain from the game are equally exciting and beneficial as the potential to earning from the games.

Collaborations and Investments

The ambition of creating a next-generation gaming ecosystem has piqued the interest of a number of major investors. This has led the project to receive investments and partnerships from the likes of Poolz Ventures, Binstarter, MGVentures, Dutch Crypto Investors, Verichains, OIG, and Infinity Ventures.

With these investments, The Monopolist team hopes to build the best possible game economy and user experience, which we are sure will benefit everyone who plays the game. Ultimately, the game expects to offer users the best possible playing, learning, and earning experience.

Developments and Roadmap

The team is currently working on the project while the game is already operational, and they expect to launch the $MONO IDO on 1st November 2021 on the IDO launchpads Binstarter and Poolz. Poolz is a renowned IDO launchpad that launched in 2020 and has since garnered massive traction and helped many promising crypto projects make the perfect market launch.

The IDO price of $MONO is set at $0.0075, with 30% unlock at TGE while the remaining tokens will be disbursed to investors through a vesting period of 4 months. The project will be conducting the TGE at a market capitalization of $310,000 and a total supply of 1,000,000,000. With their collaboration with Binstarter and Poolz, they aim to provide a DEX liquidity of up to $200,000.

They also plan to launch a pre-staking $MONO pool with a high annual percentage yield over the course of the next few months, followed by the launch of the NFT market, MONO swap, and browser version 1.0 release of the game release. Besides, there are plans to launch the second version of the browser game in 2022, which will also mark the start of community events and competitions.

While the team does all this, they consistently seek to boost influencer onboarding, governance, token burning, as well as CEX application and listing.


The core team members of The Monopolist are Trung Hoang, Dustin Dang, and Anh Nguyen. Trung has previously been the CEO of two firms for over ten years. Dustin is a marketing whiz with over 5 years of expertise developing marketing plans and strategies. And Anh has achieved great success in the cryptocurrency space with his two incredible crypto ventures.

Furthermore, the team also consists of fantastic developers and designers that have made this game the finest in the market. In total, The Monopolist currently has 12 people from around the globe.

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