DIA Labs | Partnership with Poolz

We are excited to announce new cooperation between DIA Labs and Poolz to accelerate and facilitate decentralized interaction between project owners and early-stage investors.

Building on a shared core decentralization vision, DIA Labs & Poolz will partner to accelerate and facilitate decentralized interaction between project owners in need of bootstrapping liquidity and early-stage investors. Via its DeFi ecosystem development and women in emerging tech angles, DIA Labs will source and filter various projects designed to optimize decentralized oracle provision, eliminate friction, and leverage composability in decentralized ecosystems.

In collaboration with Poolz, DIA Labs will identify the most optimal projects and leverage the Poolz platform to ensure access to funding is enabled in a fully decentralized fashion. DIA Labs will leverage DIA’s multiple integrations and partnerships to support the development of consolidated investor and founder pools which will generate network effects for Poolz’s swapping protocol.

Ioana Surpateanu, DIA Labs Principal comments:

“We are very excited to partner with Poolz to continue accelerating and consolidating the DeFi ecosystem by supporting decentralized interaction between new DeFi builders and investors.”

Guy Oren, Poolz CEO Quote:

“We are delighted to collaborate with Dia Labs, a leading company in the crypto space, to explore more opportunities together in an attempt to expand our ecosystem and the DeFi space.”

About DIA Labs

DIA Labs is a nucleus for experimentation, networking and engagement. This structure supports DIA’s overall mission of providing transparent, open-source and regulatory compliant data as a core function of the DeFi infrastructure, alongside a multifaceted contribution to the overall development of the ecosystem.

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