Poolz, a cross-chain token auction platform, is now live on Avalanche, providing projects on Avalanche a simple solution for liquidity generation and launching in an open, censorship-resistant way.

Projects using Poolz can launch and manage liquidity auctions that are easily discoverable by users on the platform. Prior to decentralized solutions like Poolz, teams building applications were faced with steep service fees or prohibitive controls set by centralized services.

Poolz: Expanding Opportunities for Builders in the Avalanche Community

By expanding to Avalanche, Poolz’s well-defined project launch process will help builders in the Avalanche community have an open and fair process that provides immediate liquidity with exceptionally fast underlying technology.


We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Poolz, a decentralized cross-chain IDO platform, to provide listing and farming support to all of the up-and-coming projects launching their tokens on the platform. The Poolz platform has already integrated with several different blockchains, including Polygon Network, and is a perfect partner to us since Dfyn also started it’s journey with Polygon Network and currently our AMM there has over $200 million in TVL.

With the DeFi industry experiencing an unprecedented growth rate in the past year, more and more protocols have emerged racing to remove as many barriers to…

Since its early days, Ethereum network has faced the issues of scalability and transaction fees. However, the latest crypto bull run and the spike in the price of Ether (ETH) has sent things off for an extremely wild ride.

While the transaction speed remains bearable, the gas users need to pay for every small or huge transaction has skyrocketed. Before this bull run, one would have to pay between one to five dollars for every transaction on the Ethereum mainnet, be it staking new tokens or swapping tokens on a decentralized exchange.

But ever since ETH price started spiking, the…

After several considerations and updates to our presale plans, we are finally ready to get things rolling. This is why we are excited to announce that DeFiCity will be the first project to conduct its presale on Poolz.

DeFiCity is a browser-based virtual world that gamifies and simplifies DeFi yield farming by allowing everyone to visualize and manage their farms and track key performance yield farming indicators from a single, visually appealing in-game dashboard. It leverages the scalability and security of the Binance Smart Chain.

The project has some notable investors including Blocksync, Phoneix Capital, OIG, DuckDAO, Lotus Capital, and…

We have said it time and again that the further we go, the more benefits we will bring to our community. Today, as a rapidly growing platform, we can proudly say that we have kept our promise and offered the best to the users who support us.

Taking a step forward in that direction, we are extremely excited to announce that we are making several developments at Poolz that will amplify users’ chances of winning IDO allocations in our upcoming IDOs. Specifically, there are four community-centric upgrades that we are soon bringing to Poolz.

Four Upgrades for Better Chances of Winning IDO Allocations

Without a word wasted, let’s show…

Find out all the details surrounding Phase 2 of Poolz’s New and Improved IDO Tier Structure!

The IDO space is an ever-evolving one. Platforms that conduct IDOs are required to have an extremely agile team who is able to both anticipate the inevitable changes that occur and pivot accordingly in order to make sure that they are providing the highest level opportunities for their communities.

We started Poolz with a goal to give every member of the Poolz community a fair and equitable opportunity to participate in the IDOs launched on the Poolz platform.

Guy Oren, Co-Founder and CEO — Poolz Finance

What happened in April?

Ethereum is hot and Poolz is gearing up for alt season and a busy remainder of Q2 2021. Poolz has had quite the eventful start to its young existence. Let’s review some of the highlights from April before we dive into some of the exciting updates for May.

April IDOs

April was a huge month for Poolz in terms of the quantity and quality of the projects that were launched. …

Poolz has grown tremendously in the months that followed its launch. We have today reached a place where we are capable of helping other promising projects successfully build and deploy groundbreaking projects.

Today we take another huge step toward helping crypto projects. We are thrilled to announce that we at Poolz are establishing Poolz Ventures and we will be investing in selected projects to enable them to scale efficiently.

How will selected Projects Benefit from Poolz Ventures?

Our aim has always been to push forward the growth of the entire crypto and DeFi space. …

You may have already realized that Poolz is soaring as we conduct a number of IDOs back to back. Even then, we can confidently say that what we’ve done so far is only a small part of what we have plans to do in the future.

On that note, we are excited to announce that we are opening another staking pool for FM gallery, Deeper Network, MerchDAO, COOK Protocol, and Rage.fan IDOs.

$POOLZ holders who stake in this pool will be eligible for IDOs conducted during the staking period.

The staking time starts on March 20, 2021, and users will…

NFT is a revolution in the art industry. We believe it will create a level playfield for all artists to showcase and sell their work to the global audience. And FM Gallery is a decentralized NFT artwork distribution platform to support the NFT revolution in the art and fashion industries.

As you may know, FM Gallery recently announced that they will conduct the $WAH IDO on Poolz on March 22, 2021, at 01:00 PM UTC.

We are excited to announce that all investors holding at least 250 $POOLZ tokens are eligible for the $WAH token IDO.

All IDOs on Poolz…


Cross-Chain Token Pools & Auctions. Website URL: https://www.poolz.finance/

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